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Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been established in order to maintain the safety and comfort of all members and their guests. Our first concern is your family’s safety, therefore management and lifeguards will strictly enforce all rules and regulations. All family members and their guests should read these rules and observe them at all times.
General Rules
  1. Running, BALL PLAYING or other such activities are NOT permitted in the pool or pool deck area.

  2. Absolutely NO GLASS bottles or containers are permitted in the club at any time.

  3. All children must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times. Parents are not permitted to drop off children under the age of 18 and leave them unattended. Any member under the age of 18 must be supervised (both inside and outside of building) by a parent or adult guardian while at the club.

  4. Children 6 years of age and under are not permitted to use the restroom without the supervision of a parent/guardian.

  5. Water guns of any kind are not permitted.

  6. Rough play, profanity or other conduct affecting the safety and comfort of others is strictly prohibited.

  7. Chairs, tables, chaise lounges and umbrellas are available for your comfort. Please refrain from “saving” tables, chairs or umbrellas for members who are not present at the club.

  8. UMBRELLAS: Please use one (1) umbrella (Table or Lounge) per member family.

  9. Please do not move tables, chairs or umbrellas without the assistance and permission of a staff member.

  10. No pets, bikes, scooters, skates, skateboards or music devices (unless being used with earphones) are permitted in or around the club at any time.

  11. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are permitted on the premises during swim club operation. Any member or guest observed drinking alcohol or using an illegal substance or appearing to be under the influence of same may be refused admission and/or directed to leave the premises.

  12. Sale or solicitation of goods and services in the complex is prohibited unless otherwise authorized by Howell Pointe management.

  13. Deliveries by outside food vendors are not permitted.

  14. Please remove garbage from tables after eating and comply with recycling rules.

  15. Members shall not exceed posted speed limits in the parking lot and on the approaching road.

  16. Parking is permitted in designated spaces only.

for members
  1. All members must display their ID card for admittance into the club.

  2. Any member under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. No exceptions. 

for guests



  1. ALL guests MUST be accompanied by an adult member during their ENTIRE STAY.

  2. All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a member 18 years of age or older.

  3. No guest will be admitted without paying the daily guest fee* or presenting a guest pass.**

  4. Members should declare their guests at time of entry into the club.

  5. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests.


* 2023 daily guest pass fee: $12.00 (child)/ $15.00 (adult)/ Children under 2 years old are free.

** Discounted guest pass books will be made available to members ONLY. The cost for a book of 12 is $150.00

      (Guest passes may be used for a child or adult).

  1. No one shall be permitted in any pool without a lifeguard on duty.

  2. All persons must be showered before entering any pool.

  3. All persons must dry off before entering the building for the safety of themselves and others.

  4. Proper bathing attire must be worn by all persons entering a pool. Inappropriate bathing suits or cut off shorts will not be permitted.

  5. Any person having a communicable disease, open blisters, cuts, sores, excessive sunburn, skin disease, or eye, ear, nose or mouth infection may be excluded from entering pools.

  6. Swim diaper/pants (with tight fitting legs and waist) are absolutely mandatory for children not yet toilet trained or recently toilet trained. Parents must adhere to this rule for the health and safety of others. Disposable diapers are NOT permitted in any pool.

  7. Swimming during inclement weather as deemed by lifeguards and/or management is prohibited.

  8. Playing or loitering on pool steps is prohibited.

  9. Pools may be restricted to members and guests over the age of 18 for adult swim periods.

  10. All posted rules pertaining to jumping, diving and slide pool must be observed.

  11. There is no lifeguard stationed in the Kiddie pool area. Kiddie pool gate must remain closed. Parents or guardian are responsible for their children at all times.

  12. Swimmies, vests and other “lifesaving devices” are NOT permitted in the slide pool.

  13. Swimmies, vests and other “lifesaving devices” ARE permitted in main pool, provided the child is accompanied IN THE POOL by an adult guardian.

  14. OVERSIZED Tubes, inflatable toys or other recreational flotation devices are not permitted in the main pool or the slide pool. The use of kickboards is permitted ONLY during authorized swim lessons.

  15. SLIDE POOL: No one shall be permitted on the slide until the previous person has completed their slide into the water and cleared the area. Please stay clear of bottom of slide while swimming in slide pool.

  16. All injuries, however slight, must be reported to management immediately.

  17. Management or lifeguards may direct any member or guest to remain out of the pools for a designated period of time if he/she is not complying with any of the above stated or posted rules of the club.

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