Application Instructions

To become a member at Howell Pointe Swim Club, please follow the easy instructions below:


  1. Print a copy of 2021 Membership Application and Rules & Regulations.

  2. Complete 2021 Membership Application (Both parents/guardians signature required-If applicable).

  3. Read and sign Rules and Regulations form (Both parents/guardians signature required-If applicable).

  4. Make check payable to: Howell Pointe Swim Club. 

  • Family Membership

  • Two parents, one or more children...$1300.00

  • Single Parent Family

  • One parent, one or more children...$1075.00

  • Couple

  • Husband & Wife (no children)...$825.00

  • Individual

  • One adult (18 years of age or older)...$575.00

  • Senior Citizen Single

  • (62 years of age or older)...$425.00

  • Senior Citizen Couple

  • (62 years of age or older)...$625.00


Upon completion


Upon completion, mail the above items to:


Howell Pointe Swim Club

22 Howell Road

Freehold, NJ 07728